Home nursing service

We at Reliable Home Health Care believe that a patient can have a speedy recovery when they are surrounded by family members or near ones. Reliable Home Health Care use to deliver all required medical equipment at your home depending upon the requirement. We are working to provide you quality services and comfort at your home while you are bedridden. If you have any elder family member who is suffering from chronic disease, then you can avail home nursing services from us to give him or her proper care and attention.

What is included in-home nursing service?

Home nursing service means that you have all the required medical equipment and machines at your home to opt for the high-class nursing service. You will be surprised to know the Variety of home nursing services. Reliable Home Health Care is here to provide you the high-end services at a cheap rate. It is a great way to avail high-class treatment and medical services at the home at a lower price than the nursing home.

We use to provide customized nursing services at home for our clients. The service is as similar to the nursing home but the difference is you get those entire things at your own place. Our services are designed accordingly to the need of the client and the attendants use to create a healthy relationship with the other family members of the patient and also with the patient to support him or her.

When you reach Reliable Home Health Care all over India, you will get a large range of specialized services for you. We have skilled staffs for physiotherapy, blood sample collection, motivation, and a lot more services. We assure the best quality of home nursing services for our clients. Earlier, many common people don't have any clear idea about home care and in-home care services but segregated our services so plan fully that you never face any difficulties.

Health care services at home in India

Our main aim for home nursing care is to deliver the most comfortable series to any patients at their home only. Our enrolled nurses for these services are well experienced in providing treatment for surgical or other wounds, diet, monitoring health issues, pushing iv injections and operating various machines.

Our services at your home

We provide a number of services at home nursing care. Let's have a look at those


A patient may need to take several injections within scheduled interval at home depending upon the health condition and our nurses are expert in pushing injections for chronic diseases like Hepatitis, pneumonia, N1H1, Typhoid and many other. You can hire nurses from us to get vaccines at a scheduled time.

Post-surgical attention

We have trained a nurse to take care of post-surgical wounds. That wound is very critical and sensitive and also need to handle with care. Our staffs are expert in fluid management, pain management, and respiratory issues.

Oxygen support

We provide an efficient nurse for oxygen administration for chronic patients.

Catheter support

If you want catheter support for post surgery, our nurses will be there to insert, manage and remove the catheter.

Positive sides of our home nursing services

Get skilled nurses at home

Get comfort in chronically disease at home without moving anywhere else

Responsibilities of home nurse

Get a trained nurse at home at a lower price

Our home nursing service is famous in all India due to our trained and professional nurses and attendants. Our nursing staffs are well aware of the latest medical machinery and have knowledge of how to monitor through those machines. They are highly professional but also maintain cooperative relationships with the patient's family members.

We provide home nursing services at a lower rate than the nursing homes. You can save a large amount while taking services from us rather than admitting the patient at any private nursing home. Our services are useful to recover fast at the home. If you calculate, you can see that you can save near about 40% of the total money from any nursing home.

We also offer some medical insurance based on your health condition and you can get 3-5 years coverage based on the rules and regulations.

You can get a lot more services like

Get the most trained and skilled nurses for any chronic patient at home without any hassle.